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Finding and contacting a good concrete contractor

Finding and hiring just the right concrete contractor can be challenging and require some time and effort, but it’s an essential part of creating a positive, successful experience. You want a professional who is honest, dependable, and fair.  In today’s world, it’s not easy to find a contractor who meets those qualifications. It used to be as simple as a phone book scan, an internet search, and a call. But today, you have to vet your contractor wisely.  Following these four steps: Calculate, Contact, Visit & Call will give you the best chance of having a positive experience with your concrete contractor. 

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 1. Calculate the amount and type of concrete needed to complete the job by contacting a concrete company and telling them the dimensions of the site to be poured and the end use of the concrete. Feel free to use the concrete calculator below to get a rough idea. Depending on your job, you may require a different concrete density. For example, the concrete used in the piers of a large building is denser than the concrete used to pour a residential driveway. Use our calculator below to calculate how much concrete you need. 

2. Contact your municipal building department and ask a construction inspector for a list of concrete contractors to consider in addition to the ones you have found on your internet search. Read reviews carefully. If you are able to connect with a Construction inspector, ask them to inform you of  the good contractors (and the bad!) 

3. Visit construction sites in your area if you are able. If available,  ask other contractors for referrals. Friends and family members who have recently had concrete work done for them are a great resource as well. 

4. Call contractors from your list and meet with them to discuss your job. Always ask for references and copies of licenses and insurance. Florida requires a contractor’s license to complete this type of work, so make sure you see their license.  Lastly, check in with how you feel about your final 2 choices. Which one is the most comfortable for you? Which one has answered your questions thoroughly and is able to work with you to meet your requirements? 

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