Stamped Concrete

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Colored and Stamped Concrete

Colored and Stamped Concrete

A lot of homeowners have bland, gray concrete slabs under their patio furniture. It can get cracked, stained, broken and chipped. These damages are unsightly and can dampen the enjoyment of a summer evening BBQ with your friends and family. Why not beautify your patio with concrete stamping? We  can turn your boring patio into to a beautiful surface that makes you feel good every moment you spend there.  Let us help you feel pride and enjoyment with a new Colored Concrete Patio. We can easily transform your patio area or walkway into a beautiful, interesting space that you will enjoy.

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Get to Know Your Colored Concrete

We love sharing what we know about Concrete and that includes Colored Concrete. Check out our Concrete Patterns page, too. When it comes to coloring concrete, we can do it in four different ways. Integral Pigments, Stains, Color Hardeners, Dyes.  

Integral Pigments

This option is only available for new pours. Before the concrete is placed, pigment is added to the concrete mix. This assures that the color will go all the way through. This is a great option for those who don’t want the color to be worn, chipped or faded over time. 

Cost: $7-12/sq ft

Colors: browns, tans, grays and subtle reds, blues and greens. 


We find that this concrete treatment is popular among our homeowners because they can be used with both existing and new concrete. Producing earth-toned colors, this treatment blends well with natural surroundings. 

This applied color is UV stable and won’t fade because it penetrates the surface of the concrete. 

Cost: $5-10/sq ft

Colors: tans, browns and terra cottas 

Color Hardener

Often used with stamped concrete, this treatment adds int3nse color and strength to the surface of the concrete. This is an option that is wear resistant and can withstand water and chemicals very well. 

Dyeing Concrete

Giving the most vibrant colors of all concrete coloring methods, concrete dyeing can be applied to create strong orange, yellow, red, blue and purple. Many home owners ask their contractor to do what’s called a “mock-up” so that they can be sure they actually like the color before applying it to a large area. 

Fading in sunlight occurs with this treatment so we recommend you check into the UV stability and ask about a sealer to protect the color. 

Colored Concrete Naples
Colored Concrete Naples
Colored Concrete Naples

Concrete Patterns

European Fan


Running Bond

Pillars and arches are what makes this stamp special. Modeled from “the old world” style, it offers a circular appealing pattern. 

Used in small spaces, this pattern can be appealing. It draws the eyes forward, as in a path. Because of its complexity, it is very popular.  

One of the most common and relatable forms of stamped concrete, this is a pattern that offers many varieties and unique designs. This design offers a very sophisticated look.

Roman Cobble

Wood Stamp

Stamped Concrete Patio

Ashlar Slate

Random Stone


Also offering a old-world look, similar to the old roads in Europe, this style is charming, warm and characterized by its rounded lumps of stone on each piece. 

We all know real wood requires a large amount of maintenance. This pattern is for those who enjoy no upkeep, but appreciate the warmth a wood surface offers. 

Giving off a smooth, but unbroken surface, slate gives provides a beautiful finished look, with many patterns to choose from. 

Random Stone allows for a great variety of options. It has somewhat of an undone appeal, which adds charm to any patio.

Seamless stamps offer a beautiful stone-like texture, yet without a specific pattern. The idea is to appear as one continuous piece, rather than many smaller segment joints.

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